Date: 2013-11-19 02:36 pm (UTC)
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I brought a card that explained my condition (from or something like that) in Italian, just in case. But it's true that Italians love food, so they are actually pretty good at making sure there are options for everyone. On the pasta front, some larger places have GF ready to go, but most tinier trattorias don't. It might not be safe for celiacs, but just being GI ... I don't know if it's the drying/preservatives in NA pasta, but the fresh Italian pasta did not make me sick at all. (I wasn't the only one; we had 3 GIs in our tour groups, and we could all eat the pasta -- but not the desserts/pastries.)

From what I've seen, it's harder to be vegan. : / There is very little there that doesn't involve cheese in some form or another.
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