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Birthdate:Aug 5
Location:Montreal, Quebec, Canada

I love books, video games, and creative writing. I am absolutely insufferable unless you do, too. I enjoy a wide variety of things from Japanese media to sociolinguistics to world-building to political satire to the comedic value of a well-played run-on sentence. I love the color pink, and don't care what you think. I think waxing philosophical has been out of style for centuries. I'm an old-school console snob and readily express it, but only if you ask for it. I have played FFVI 776573657356 times, srsly. I am so open-minded, I don't care if you make sweet love to monkeys. I do care if you don't bother to iron your dress shirts, you dirty heathen.

I'll be in the angry dome.

tl;dr: 30+ career woman's RL adventures.

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80's and 90's cartoons, alexander the great, anime, being a geek, being a smartass, being ready and willing, books books books!, cartoons, chaucer, comics, creative writing, driving into the sunset, english, english literature, fandom, french, gender and sexuality, german, getting lost in tokyo, golden age simpsons, good television, healthy eating, history, immersion into other cultures, japan, japanese, japanese music, korean, linguistics, manga, martial arts, me! bender!, old-school console snobbery, pikachu, poetry, shakespeare, sociolinguistics, south korea, tesol, the angry dome, video games, western tv, writing, yoga
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